108 Years of Columbianism on the Columbia
Grand Knight: Sir Knight Jerry Lencioni

William J. Leahy Council 1307
Knights of Columbus
Astoria, Oregon
7 Kinkaid Rd., Astoria, OR 97103    503-325-1186
"Venerable Servant of God"
 Fr. Michael J. McGivney
Knights of Columbus Founder
* Current Council Activities *
The Principles of the Order:      CHARITY      *       UNITY    *      FRATERNITY    *     PATRIOTISM
Pope Francis
Please pray for all listed below in "Prayer Requests"
   > Please Pray for the repose of the soul of brother Ray Prom's father, Matthias who passed recently, and Ray's family.
   > Please Pray for Brothers Ed Betts, Eric Wilson and the Linus Seger families, also council widow Alice Schmitz.  See details in Prayer Requests below. 
   > Sunday Night BINGO every week at 6PM in the Parish Auditorium except Feb 5th.
   > Wednesday Jan. 25th "Be A Man" Group Meeting at 7PM
   > Sunday Jan. 29th 5th Sunday Rosary after the 1PM Mass
   > Feb. 3rd First Friday Eucharistic Adoration
   > Feb. 3rd Prayer for Purity Vigil in downtown Astoria at 7PM 
   > Friday Feb. 3rd. 5PM Start setting up the auditorium for our Spaghetti Dinner on Saturday.
   > Saturday Feb. 4th. Spaghetti Dinner & Raffle, many hands needed to help make this a success.
   > Sunday Feb. 5th Council Family Superbowl Party in the Auditorium.
   > Our February KoC Parish Breakfast is scheduled for Feb. 12th the SECOND sunday in Feb.